DP/Cine-Kit Package Equipment list


Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 7D

Canon 60D

GoPro Hero3

2x GoPro Hero2  with   stereo package

lcd back

battery back

various mounts


        4x 16gig cl10 SDcards

        1x 32gig cl10 SD card

        1x 32gig cl4   SD card

        1x 8gig CF card

        2x 16gig CF cards

        1x 4gig memory stick duo

        1x 2gig memory stick duo


        7x LP-E6 batteries

        3x LP-E6 battery chargers

        1x LP-E6 ac direct to camera cable

2x Sony np-fm50/fm55H batteries batteries (led light)


Lens Package


Tokina 24 mm f2.8 fd mount w/Eos mount

Vivitar 28mm f2.5 nikon mount

Nikkor 50mm f2 Nikon mount

Tokina 28-85mm f4 Nikon mount

Canon ef 50mm f1.8

Sigma EXDG 28mm f1.8 Eos mount

Sigma DGHSM 50mm f1.4 Eos mount

Sigma DGHSM 85mm f1.4 Eos mount



Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Sigma APODG Macro HSM 70-200mm f2.8 Eos mount

Sigma EX 17-35mm f2.8-4 Nikon mount



Mark II Variable nd filter 77mm

Hoya PL-CIR Polarizer 77mm

Gozo 056 orange filter 77mm


        Ex-rite Passport color checker

        Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate light meter

        iKan slate

        ipad2 (Movie Slate app)

Audio Package


Rode NTG3 shotgun mic

Rode video mic pro

Audio-technica AT875R short shotgun mic w/ miccover windscreen and camera mount

Sure sm93 lav mic

2x AudixADX20i-P Condenser mics

Rode NT4 Cardioid Condenser XY Stereo mic



Tascam DR-680

Zoom h4n         

Sound Devices 442 Mixer

Sound Devices MP1 mic preamp

Sony mdr-7506 headphones

Carbon fiber boompole with Rode Blimp




Mitchel Underslung tripod

Sachler ACE tripod

Snap Track Cinerails & Camera Dolly system



Zacuto Z/finder and gorilla plate

Jag35 shoulder rig with follow focus

Matte Box - 2 filter swing away

Glidecam HD4000


Sony portable DVD player with video input (for GoPro monitoring)

Lilliput 7-inch LCD monitor with HDMI and hood


7x160 led light

3x 300W Red Head Tungsten kit

Lowel 4pc Tungsten kit

3x FloLight Florecent Daylight kit

300W Arri Fresnel




        Shutter remote


        Apple Macbook Pro 2011

        Apple Macbook